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How to Decide Which Level of Care Your Loved One Needs

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Various reasons bring individuals to senior homes, and at Reena Senior Living, one prevalent motive is the pursuit of optimal care and attention for health concerns, shared by both guests and their families. However, diverse health issues necessitate varying treatments, which can influence the lifestyle and accommodation choice within a care facility.

Let’s delve into the four key factors crucial for determining the most suitable level of care:

Memory Disorders

The prevalence of memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, is escalating in America, often prompting individuals to seek residence in our community. These conditions demand multifaceted support, encompassing medication management, meal preparation, cognitive therapy, and assistance.

Whether one is in the early stages, exhibiting symptoms like forgetfulness or in advanced stages necessitating regular aid, a community with a straightforward layout ensuring navigational ease, coupled with a proficient team ensuring comfort and safety, is imperative.

Medication Management

Managing medications poses challenges, particularly for those requiring multiple doses at different intervals. For sociable individuals prone to forgetting doses amidst activities, diligent medication adherence becomes crucial.

Opting for a care home equipped with a robust medication management program ensures peace of mind as professionals oversee dosages, alleviating the stress associated with medication upkeep.

Physical Therapy

Basking in the sun and relishing the outdoors can significantly enhance one’s well-being. However, individuals requiring assistance to partake in such activities necessitate dedicated support to maintain physical strength and independence.

For those grappling with mobility issues or seeking regular physical therapy, selecting a care facility offering ample wellness programs and outdoor excursions becomes paramount.

Assistance with Daily Tasks

From reaching high shelves to handling heavy pots and pans, everyone requires occasional assistance to navigate daily chores. Reena Senior Living recognizes this need for support, even beyond medical requirements.

For individuals seeking minimal assistance, particularly with meal preparation, laundry, and other daily tasks, an assisted living facility focusing on fostering independence while offering occasional aid proves beneficial.

Every individual’s medical needs vary, warranting tailored care solutions. Hence, settling for a community boasting amenities without addressing specific medical requirements is not ideal. For those in search of dedicated medical support, Lifespark Senior Living stands ready to cater to diverse care needs. Reach out to our team today or book a tour to explore the array of care options we offer.

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